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textile arts and handicrafts have forever been present in our lifes: practical, aesthetic or symbolic,… they served many purposes. with this project, we like to focus on the interesting, yet mostly unintended therapeutic effect of working with textiles.

an important loss may give you the feeling that the “thread of your life” is damaged beyond repair. we believe in the force of creative mourning, in an active process to literally “weave life back together”. therefor we offer the possibility to create vessels and jewellery together with you. you provide the textile items, loaded with memories, we offer the design, the knowledge and the support to transform them into a piece of memory textile. we like to call this process “shaping memories”.

for you not to feel restricted by artistic abilities and to feel free to explore, we work with simple, traditional techniques from different ethnicities. the technique to be used for your specific object depends on the supplied material and your personal preferences. if for any reason, collaboration is not desirable, you can simply send us the material and we make it for you.